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The Instagram Power Method

REALTORS & LOAN OFFICERS: Not landing leads on Instagram? Not getting any business from your "business" profile?

Let Me Ask You A Few Questions....

--> Have you tried other Instagram courses and struggled with lack of results and LACK of coaching and support while trying to implement things? 
--> Are you are randomly posting on Instagram with pictures from your Camera roll and frustrated by the fact that you aren't getting any traction?
--> Are you overwhelmed by all the “do this, and do that’s” that are out there on how to do Instagram perfectly and instead want something SUPER simple?
--> Are you ready to use Instagram for your business but literally have no clue where to even begin?
--> Are you having writers block when it comes time to write your captions?
--> Are you struggling with hashtags and want a SUPER easy way to create several sets of 30 in minutes?


I get it! I used to be there too...

Hey! I am Michelle Berman, the creator of the Instagram Power Method Course.

I am a nationally sought after Instagram Coach, speaker, author and course creator, whose sole purpose is to help you level up out of all those Instagram 101 courses and into one that will actually help you truly create content that speaks directly to your ideal client. My goal for you is to generate leads that are on FIRE šŸ”„ for you, no selling required!
How do I help you do that?
Through the power of client attraction marketing, understanding and deep diving into the psychology of your ideal client, and spending intentional time developing a specific strategy BEFORE you ever post.
Me before --> I struggled to figure out what to post, how to post it and how to create a way that I could generate leads from people in my target niche and demographic. I felt like I was pretty much posting just to post without any intention or strategy behind what I was doing...and doing it just whenever I could remember to do so!
I doesn't have to be that way :)

Imagine This....

→ Generating leads that are in YOUR area and can actually bring you business...and not having to worry about why your are getting nothing but other realtors or vendor partners following you.

 → Feeling so confident in what content you are putting out, and getting compliments about how valuable it is!

→ Cutting your ad spend and marketing expenses down to 0 all while getting MORE business

→ Landing leads that come to YOU instead of you having to find them...NO selling required.

→ No more cold calls or door-knocking because you have MORE leads and they are coming to don't have to chase them.

→ Having a consistent strategy that works and allows you to take the guess work out of what you are doing 

→ Not spending more than 30 minutes a day on Instagram because everything is completely planned out ahead of time


What Is In The Instagram Power Method?

Check out a module by module breakdown of exactly what we cover inside the course!

What Are People Saying About the Instagram Power Method?

See what some of the current and previous Instagram Power Method students are saying about the course!

""When I started the social media aspect of my marketing plan, I really had no idea where to start. I figured I would copy what most of the other agents out there were doing and that should be enough. Well after trying for some time to make nothing on Instagram, you DM'd me and changed everything! From the moment I spoke to you on the phone and heard the passion in your voice, I knew I had to do business with you. I have been trying to find the right way to enter the social media space for real estate and you have shown me the way! I'll close more deals in 2020 because of you and the Instagram Power Method. Thank you so much for showing me how to avoid the "popularity contest" that Instagram can be, and how to create real relationships with people I can do business with. You have forever changed the way I will market myself moving forward and I cant wait to see even moreĀ results!""

Brian Mainardi
24/7 Realty- San Diego Realtor

""Enrolling in Michelle's Instagram Power Method course was one of the best investmentsĀ for my business. Within one week of working with her I already noticed a huge incline in my social media followers AND the amount of interactions I was getting on each post. People were noticing me who had never in the past, and commenting on how I was doing. I startedĀ gaining NEW clients just from my InstagramĀ DMā€™s within DAYS of implementing her strategies!Ā I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone that truly wants to grow their business. SheĀ is extremelyĀ knowledgeable!""

Kara Beecroft
Realtor w/ HomeSmart Realty

"I took the Instagram Power Method course Ā and my business Instagram account has just taken off! I was not using instagram for business at all. I even had to create Ā the account to start.Ā  After 64 posts in approximately 2 months (1 per day, as directed) I have 553 followers and have already had a buyer lead I'm working on!Ā  I have followed exactly what I was taught to do- regarding posts (style and frequency), hashtags, follows, engagement, programs to use andĀ  have grown exponentially.Ā  I have more to learn but plan to do exactly as directed and have no doubt that this is going to make me unstoppable!Ā  I recommend it to anyone who wants to use Instagram to grow a presence and their business !"

Tami Schall
Realtor w/ RE/MAX Results Orem

"Michelleā€™s course has totally changed the way I look at Insta! Before her class, I honestly barely even liked the app, but now I adore it. Itā€™s fun, I get to educate my target audience, build my brand, AND get amazing leads on a regular basis! What more could you ask for? I took sooo many other Instagram classes, all promising that I could build my business if I did what they said. Ha! They did not deliver. I promised myself this would be the last Instagram class I would take before I completely gave up on the platform. Instagram Power Method was totally different from the rest of the classes I took. With those I was ALWAYS on Insta, spending time on it (not getting business) and feeling kinda stressed when I forgot to post. It because the biggest chore in the world to share content. With IPM, honestly, the work you do before even making your first post was...a bit hefty for me. But well worth it. That prep work set me up to automate my feed and I get GORGEOUS leads while I sleep. I actually got my first lead before I had all the things Michelle teaches fully implemented and they keep coming šŸ˜"

Clarise Truex
Realtor w/Libertas Real Estate

"Michelle Berman is a rockstar! I went to her class on a whim thinking maybe we could improve upon what we were doing already and I had no idea what we were in for her! She has completely transformed the way we see social media and she has the best system for doing it. We are getting more followers all the time and it seems that her system is very effective so far. We would recommend her anytime to anyone! And not only does she have a great system but she has a great personality and is super easy to work with and is very available for any questions anytime! We love Michelle!"

Sharee Killpack
Owner, Territory Land Real Estate

"Michelle's Instagram class was mind blowing to say the least! The 2 days she taught us I sat there in awe of the things she was teaching us. It was all so overwhelming at first. But she is such a great teacher that by the time the class was finished I felt like I could go out & do this on my own. And I have! Thanks to Michelle I have doubled my instagram followers in a matter of weeks. My teenage sons are jealous of the amount of followers I have ;) and my sister, who is a small business owner, is begging me to help her with her instagram account. I even had a local real estate agent, when I gave him my business card, say oh my gosh! I follow you on instagram. :) I am excitedly waiting for her next class and can't wait to see what she has in store for us. Thank you Michelle for such an awesome learning experience. I think you are amazing!"

Kyla Muir
Realtor w/ Presidio Real Estate

"Michelle has been an amazing resource of encouragement and support! The immense amount of information she shares is super useful and it WORKS! Michelle always responds quickly and kindly, while maintaining a professional and encouraging tone. It takes work and diligence, but it starts to pay off! Thanks Michelle for all you do!"

Devere Wilkey
Realtor w/Charles Wixom Realty

Think Having Your Whole Team Join Might Be a Good Idea?

Listen to what Blake has to say about him and his team being a part of the Instagram Power Method Course!


There are TWO Payment Options!

Payment Plan



* The Full Instagram Power Method dripped out over 6 months
*Access to all bonuses
*The Entire Course Library

*Access to all digital products FIRST and with applied discounts

*297/month for 6 months*

With $97 monthly membership fee šŸ‘‡šŸ»

*Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls

* Unlimited coaching from ME!
*Facebook Community
*Office Hours


One Time Payment


* The Full Instagram Power Method
*Access to all bonuses
*The Entire Course Library

**Access to all digital products FIRST and with applied discounts

*BONUS!--> Save $485!

With $97 Monthly Membership Fee šŸ‘‡šŸ»

*Unlimited Coaching from ME!

*Office Hours
*Monthly Live Hot Seat Calls
*Facebook Community


Monthly Coaching Membership



  • Monthly Coaching Membership
  • 3 call options per week!
  • 4 one/hr sessions/month
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for Instagram Power Method Coaching Clients
  • $97/month for an individual
  • Does not include access to the Instagram Power Method Course
I want coaching!

Want your whole team to have access?

Want to purchase the Instagram Power Method for more than 1 person? There is an option for you!

Want to know why The Instagram Power Method is Different?

BTG Real Estate Team Leader Brandon Tracy....expressing why the Instagram Power Method and its structure, systems and framework makes it different than anything else on the market!


Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this is up to you. I have students who move through it very quickly and some who can take up to 6 months to fully implement. My happy medium suggestion is to allow yourself 90 days to fully study, implement and see the result. 

The answer is that there are a total of 8 modules and 47 videos plus 3 new bonus modules and MORE on their way! 

Once you are a part of the Instagram Power Method you immediately get access to the entire module library, exclusive access to my private Facebook group only for course members, and you will get a live Q & A call with me every week plus live HOT seats! Unlimited communication with me as your coach as you go through the course as well. 

Wanna Hear from Brian?

I met one of my clients Brian Mainardi in real life for the second time in San Diego and he asked if we could shoot a video about his experience with the Instagram Power Method and I absolutely wanted to share it with you!


Want to connect with me?

Want to chat with me to discuss the Instagram Power Method? Shoot me an email!


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