Michelle Berman-Mikel: CEO, Founder & Creator of Beyond the Method™ and Berman Media PD


Michelle Berman Mikel, top marketing coach, is a nationally sought-after Instagram Content Development Coach and Speaker.  She has worked with thousands of Realtors and Mortgage Professionals across the country, and her strategies have produced millions of dollars in revenue for both her course students and VIP clients. 

She started working in the Instagram space nearly ten years ago, working with Influencer brands on creating a model to produce ROI from campaigns on accounts across the platform. This changed everything about how people viewed metrics on the platform and began to change the conversation around "ideal clients" and put an enormous emphasis on the psychology behind engagement and content.

Most recently, she brought her focus to the speaking side of things, as well as enterprise deals with large Mortgage and Real Estate Brokerages. She focuses on creating a culture change both on stage and internally for companies as they embrace Instagram and social media platforms.

Michelle's passion for psychology, and connection, are deeply rooted in her program, as well as her company culture. Every person who has heard her speak, no matter the size of the room, can feel her passion for her work. She truly believes that she can make the industry better, one Realtor and one LO at a time.


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Tiffanie Janowitz: Vice President & COO of Berman Media PD


Tiffanie Janowitz, lead coach and mentor at Berman Media PD, is the queen of all things systems and processes. With over a decade of experience in finance and investments, the integrator within her soul makes things run seamlessly within our company.

Tiffanie heads both our coaching and VIP programs, working in both group and private settings with our clients to help them achieve their vision and goals for their business.

She believes exceptional service is the cornerstone of a lasting relationship. As it is a rarity these days, she takes pride in delivering that with each interaction with our clients.

As we grow at scale alongside our clients, Tiffanie will often be the first virtual handshake you'll get with a warm welcome to Berman Media PD.

Tiffanie thrives on human connection and bettering the lives of others is something she finds extremely fulfilling. She is a mama and a wife, and you can catch her sipping on her favorite fancy latte, riding the peloton, or teaching a HIGH Fitness class. 

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